Frequently Asked Questions About the Invention Process


It has always astonished me the amount of individuals have some sort of an invention suggestion. I am equally astonished by the reality that over 90% of these people never ever do anything with their suggestion.

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After that I recognized why people didn't follow up. They have no idea exactly how to begin!


So exactly how does an innovator start? Where do go, what do you do? Of equivalent relevance is what you should not do. Let's tackle them both.


First the 'Do Not Listing.' It is short and basic.


1. Do not pay any cash to a invention advertising or growth firm EVER


2. Do not most likely to a patent lawyer right now. You will certainly later on but just after your invention is completed in every facet to see to it works.


3. Do not expect immediate monetary results if any whatsoever. The entire invention procedure is extensive and a danger.


That is the entire Do Not Listing. If you act on any kind of one of the products you will succeed to stop working.


Exactly how around the 'Do List.' It is additionally quite short and yet not so basic.


1. Compose everything you do concerning the InventHelp in a bound notebook.


A. Day each web page.


B. Sign each page.


C. Have a 3rd party witness indicator each web page too.


2. Do your own initial patent search? You can go online to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and simply adhere to the links.


3. Spend a couple of bucks to get a specialist examination from a reliable business. This must cost no more than a couple of hundred dollars. The outcomes of the assessment should inform you if you ought to proceed your project or otherwise. It is cash well invested.


4. If you obtained an adverse evaluation, your listing stops here. If positive, continue.


5. Develop a crude prototype with off the shelf components to see if can truly work. You will certainly also discover that the product will need some kind of adjustments along the way also.


6. Obtain a Provisional Application for Patent at the USPTO. You can do this by yourself without the expense of a patent lawyer. The declaring fee is just $105.00 (as of this writing).


7. Study the type of companies that would be prospects to approach to accredit your product.


8. Establish marketing materials to be sent to those companies.


9. Construct a much more complete working prototype.


10. Make an application for full patent protection with a patent lawyer.


As soon as you have finished the ten items over, the hardest part currently begins. Put simply, encouraging business that they can generate income with your invention. If you can do that you have become an effective developer.